Stem Cells & PRP etc. for Pain. Our basic philosophy.

While there is a definite need for surgery for some patients, the great majority of people do well with non-surgical approach. The traditional treatments with rest, anti-inflammatories, Physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, fitness and lifestyle modification works in majority of patients. A certain number of patients develop chronic pain that may be quite disabling and resistant to traditional approaches. It is these patients where stem cell, PRP & Amniotic allograft treatments carry most promise. Of course, the sooner we intervene to prevent the pain from becoming chronic, the better the outcomes but it is not always possible.

At American Stem Cell Institute (ASCI), we believe in better diagnosis and a comprehensive approach for a better outcome. We at ASCI see pain to be like a fire. It may start in one location, but left untreated, it spreads and involves other areas and structures. So as the treatment gets delayed, we may need to do more to help better.

For example, in the beginning, we may have lower back pain simply from a disc that’s torn or has a small herniation, but later, due to secondary muscle spasms etc., we may also have chronic pain from the facets and sacroiliac joint also. Early treatment would likely be successful if we treated the primary target only i.e. the degenerative disk. At a later stage, we need to treat both the disk and the facets and probably the sacroiliac joint-s to get a decent outcome. At ASCI, we believe in treating the patient as a whole, so treating the full range of pain generators helps get better outcomes. Again, as me mentor Dr. Trescot used to describe pain as an onion. You peel the outer layers and the find more inside. You heal one area to discover what more is left inside as the outer picture may be hiding other pain generators which will not become obvious till the outer layer is removed. This is the lesson in pain that I’ve learned through my life’s experience.

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