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Dermapen® is an affordable treatment that is excellent for rejuvenating skin. This treatment tightens and lifts skin through a fractional micro-needling device.  Unlike laser fractional treatments;  Dermapen® is safe for most everybody, including darker skin types when used with a careful post-procedure regimen that includes sunblock.

 Dermapen® treatments are fantastic for the following issues:

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease pore size
  • Diminish appearance of acne scars, surgical scars and stretch marks

Dermapen® offers better, safer results than rolling micro-needling systems. There is also less pain, bruising, and recovery time. Dermapen® uses collagen induction therapy, (CIT) which stimulates your own body to increase production of collagen. This “controlled injury”  stimulates the production of new cells, which heals scars, minimizes wrinkles and diminishes stretch marks.  Ideal regimens are 4-6 treatments over a space of 2-6 months. Each treatment is done approximately 4-5 weeks apart.

  • RESULTS: Everyone’s skin is different, however, most patients see results (smoother, tighter skin) after about three treatments.  Some will see results after the first treatment.
  • PRIOR TO TREATMENT: We need to know if you are taking any photosensitizing medications such as Retin-A, or have extreme or active acne. Sun exposure (tanning) should be avoided prior to treatment. Do not apply make-up on treatment day.
  • AFTER TREATMENT:You will feel and look like you have a moderate to severe sunburn. Your skin will feel warm and tight.  You will not be able to wear make up for the rest of the day following your treatment.  Aftercare will be reviewed following the treatment.

We recommend that after your Dermapen® treatment, you avoid direct sunlight for about two weeks and apply sunscreen daily.

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