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  • Arkam Rehman, MD is a Physician that worked & trained throughout his career with extra ordinary doctors and took that wisdom many steps further and went beyond the confines of traditional medicine. Part of his drive was his son Omer Rehman, who has significant Autism. In a drive to help him, he looked beyond what traditional medicine offered, and what other possibilities existed for his son. That led his to go beyond what the mainstream medicine was offering and to see how he can make a difference, not only for his son, but for other people also. He has showed extra ordinary academic credentials throughout his career and is also dual board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and has a sub specialty second board certification in Pain medicine from the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has consistently been called an extra ordinary Physiatrist & Clinician.

    His life started in an academic family with his late father being an eminent Cardiologist and Associate professor of Medicine in Rawalpindi Medical College in Pakistan. After his father’s early unexpected demise at age 50 from surgical complications of a simple surgery, the family worked hard to realize his dreams. He went to the best prep school for his educations till 10th grade and then Joined Forman Christian College for his pre-medical education and then joined and finished his medical education from King Edward Medical College, his late father’s Alma Mater, and the oldest and best medical school in Pakistan. Two of his elder sisters also became doctors and his 2 younger siblings became business and computer consultants because of their mother’s guidance.

    Growing up in Pakistan made him more open minded to non-traditional approaches in medicine because of his local exposure to other brands of medicine including traditional Unani (Greek-Arabian) medicine, and Homeopathic medicine etc. They showed him to be open to think outside the box and he is a firm believer in healing via natural foods and methods.

    He came to the US to get the best training and did extraordinarily well going to Cook County Hospital’s rigorous clinical program in Internal Medicine & to world famous Mount Sinai Medical Center for neurology training. Later, he went to Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital for his rehabilitation medicine residency and his performance led him to be named the Chief Resident managing not only the local resident’s, but also visiting residents from other programs. He excelled in his performance and further cemented his research credentials with 4 poster presentations while at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.

    Hampshire Orthopedics & Sports Medicine orthopedic clinic is what defined his future trajectory. Working with eminent and amazing clinicians like Dr. Charles Mick, Jonathan Kurtis, Daniel Mc Bride & Henry Drinker, he developed his clinical approach and his compassion for patients-humans started to show. That was the most imprinting time of his career where he learned to think like an Orthopod in addition to his comprehensive outlook as a physiatrist. His work with Dr. Andrea Trescot opened him to anesthesia based approach to pain and regenerative medicine & then Dr. Mark Spatola further polished his skills. He looks at Dr. Mark Spatola, Arnold Graham-Smith & Charles Mick as his guardian angels because of their contributions to both his personal life and clinical skills.

    Sunshine Spine & Pain, PA was the culmination of his hard work where he excelled in what he did and was consistently told by referring clinicians that his results were extra ordinary when compared to other doctors. Because of various reasons, including the administrative red tape and inability to practice the best medicine due to insurance limitations, he sold Sunshine Spine and after doing some consulting work, he has decided to practice the best medicine available and to promote the most modern treatments available at American Stem Cell Institute.

Dr. Darrow Teaches at the UCLA Physical Medicine & Rehab Residency Program

  • New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois
  • Northwestern University, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
  • Golden Gate University College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence
  • University of Southern California, Masters of Business Taxation
  • University of Hawaii, John Burns School of Medicine, MD
  • Presbyterian-St. Lukes Hospital, Denver, CO, Transitional Internship
  • UCLA Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Training
  • Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Scholarship.
  • Pan-Pacific Surgical Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Research.
  • Medical Research Award for Outstanding Achievement In the Field of Research.
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  • Prolotherapy Injections for Pain Management.Monthly workshop for UCLA-VA PM&R Residents.
  • Back Pain: Non-Surgical Management.St. John’s Hospital and Century City Hospital, CME.
  •  Shoulder Pain & Imaging Methods. UCLA-VA PM&R Residents.
  • Neurogenic Bladder and Spinal Cord Injury. UCLA-VA PM&R Residents.
  • Scoliosis. UCLA-VA PM&R Residents.
  • Physical Medicine Modalities. UCLA-VA PM&R Residents.
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Medical License, California: A54550

Admitted to practice Law: California

LA Bar Association

American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine

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